Proverbs starting with letter N

No man is a hero to his valet

A valet is a manservant who attends to his master's person and to his clothes. He knows more about his master than anyone else does, since his... Read more →

No man can serve two masters

A man with two employers cannot be faithful to both. Nor can a man support two conflicting causes. The source is Matthew, vi, 24: 'No man can... Read more →

No gain without pain

This is a milder version of No cross no crown. This means simply that you are unlikely to achieve anything without some trouble or hardship.

No cross, no crown

Just as Christ could not achieve the Kingdom of Heaven without suffering crucifixion (on the Cross), so no one can expect to achieve anything... Read more →

No answer is also an answer

If you ask a person a question and he does not reply, his very silence is an answer in itself. 'Have you been playing about with my typewriter?'... Read more →

Ninety per cent of inspiration is perspiration

The dictionary tells us that inspiration is 'divine influence, especially that which is thought to visit poets, ect.' But although inspiration... Read more →

New brooms sweep clean

People newly appointed to post tend to make big changes. Like new brooms, they do their work thoroughly. When Mrs Bristow retired, Miss Parsons... Read more →

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you

Never look for trouble. Don't worry about something before it has happened. Your fears may be groundless, for it may never happen. Mr King was... Read more →

Never tell your enemy that your foot aches

Never admit a weakness to a person who is liable to take advantage of it.

Never spur a willing horse

A 'willing horse' is a person who works well and without complaint. (All lay loads on willing horse) Don't urge him on to work harder and... Read more →