Body Parts Idioms

Cut one’s (own) throat

To experience certain failure. The man cut his own throat when he suddenly quit his job. The girl cut her throat when she began to fight with... Read more →

Cross one`s heart and hope to die

To promise that what you are saying is true. I promise that I will give you the money next week. Cross my heart and hope to die.

Cut off one`s nose to spite one`s face

To make things worse for oneself because you are angry at someone else. To hurt yourself in an attempt to hurt someone else. The man is... Read more →

Cut one’s eyeteeth on (something)

To have done something since one was very young. The man cut his eyeteeth on fixing bicycles and he is now an expert.

Cool one`s heels

To be kept waiting. The man was forced to cool his heels before his boss would talk to him.

Count noses/ heads

To count people. Also (Count head's). After the teacher finished counting noses everybody got on the bus.

Cause eyebrows to raise

To shock people, or surprise them. The same as 'raise some eyebrows'. I caused eyebrows to raise when I did not accept the award from my... Read more →

Change of heart

A change in the way one feels about something. The woman had a change of heart and let her child go to the circus.

Cheek by jowl

Side by side, in close intimacy. The fans entered the stadium cheek by jowl.


With one person's cheek pressed up against another person's cheek. The couple was dancing cheek-to-cheek.