Famous Idioms

Pardon my French

"Pardon my French" is a common English language phrase ostensibly disguising profanity as French. The phrase is uttered in an attempt to excuse... Read more →

Shut up

1. To stop talking. "Please shut up and let someone else speak." 2. To confine someone or something. We always shut up our dog in the house... Read more →

Keep one’s head above water

To survive or endure, especially in a situation in which one is struggling to avoid being overwhelmed by adverse financial circumstances. How's... Read more →

Bag and baggage

1.With one's luggage, with all one's possessions, or with all personal property. Stan showed up at our door bag and baggage one Monday... Read more →

Live out of suitcase

To travel a lot from place to place. To stay very briefly in several places, never unpacking one's baggage. I'm bored of living out of a... Read more →

Miss someone’s cue

To not speak or act when you are supposed to. I think I missed my cue at the lesson today. I should have answered to the teacher's question... Read more →

Cut short (something) or cut (something) short

To make something shorter, to interrupt something. The man had to cut short his speech. We decided to cut short our holidays and come home... Read more →

Cut out the deadwood

To remove unproductive people from a job. The company decided to cut out the deadwood and began to fire many people.

Cut out (something) or cut (something) out

1. To eliminate something. My cousin decided to cut out chocolate in order to lose weight. 2. To remove something by cutting. I cut out the... Read more →

Cut out for (something)

To have a talent for something, to be suited for something. I do not think that I am cut out for the travelling that is required for my job.