Proverbs starting with letter N

None so blind as those who won’t see

It is no use trying to get a person to see what he does not wish to see, or to understand what he chooses not to understand, or to attract his... Read more →

None but the brave deserves the fair

You have to act boldly to win the girl you love, for Faint heart ne'er won fair lady.

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

It is no use giving a hint to a person who is determined not to take it.

A nod is as good as a wink

It is sometimes better to avoid putting thoughts into words. A slight change of expression on a person's face should be enough to convey his... Read more →

Noblesse oblige

This is one of those proverbs that have remained more common in their original from than in the English translation. It is the French for 'Birth... Read more →

No news is good news

Bad news is an urgent matter and people usually write off at once to tell their relatives or friends. Good news, of course, can be just as... Read more →

No names, no pack drill

Don't mention names in case anyone suffers. This is an Army saying. Pack drill is a form of punishment for offences against military... Read more →

No man is infallible

All of us are liable to make mistakes now and then. To err is human and Even Homer sometimes nods.

No man is indispensable

This is a proverb used often in business organisations. 'How we're going to get along without Mr Kennett I just can't imagine.' 'We'll manage... Read more →

No man is content with his lot

Here 'lot' means 'condition', 'share of worldly reward'. We are none of us satisfied with the way we have to live and the work we have to do.