Proverbs starting with letter N

Nothing ventured, nothing gained

This advises bold action. If you are not prepared to take risks you cannot expect to get results. 'I want to borrow the car for the weekend,... Read more →

Nothing stake, nothing draw

This refers to gambling. If you are not prepared to stake any money, you cannot expect to win any. In a wider sense this means the same as... Read more →

Nothing succeeds like success

It is not easy to achieve success, but once you have achieved it, the way is open to even greater prosperity. For example, a novelist may write... Read more →

Nothing so bad but might have been worse

There is always something to be thankful for. 'The house was burnt to the ground, but things might have been worse, for I managed to save the... Read more →

Nothing seek, nothing find

This teaches initiative. Success is not achieved without an effort. 'He that seeketh findeth,' runs the old saying and in Matthew vii, 7 we... Read more →

Nothing is so certain as the unexpected

Something unforeseen is liable to happen at any moment. This means the same as it is The unexpected that always happens.

Nothing is given so freely as advice

Although most of us do not welcome advice, we are all only too ready to give it.

Nothing is as good as it seems beforehand

This means the same as Expectation is better than realization.

Not good is it to harp on the frayed string

Don't keep on talking about the same thing or bringing up the same subject. Literally 'to harp' is to play the harp; figuratively 'to harp on'... Read more →

None so deaf as those who won’t hear

Just as it is no use trying to get a person to see what he does not wish to see, so is it useless to persuade a person to hear what he does not... Read more →