Proverbs starting with letter T

Two wrongs do not make a right

Your faults are not excused by the faults of somebody else. This means the same as Two black do not make a white.

Two of a trade can never agree

Two people on the same trade, in the same field, that have the same interests are both too envious, each imagining that the other is cleverer or... Read more →

Two is company, three is none

This is sometimes quoted as 'Two's company, three's a crowd.' Two friends often agree well on their own; but the presence of a third may lead to... Read more →

Two heads are better than one

It is an advantage to confer with somebody else before reaching an important decision. 'I've got a problem on my mind, Harry. Give me the... Read more →

Two dogs fight for a bone, and a third runs away with it

While two persons are disputing over something, somebody else takes advantage of the fact that their attention is distracted. For example, there... Read more →

Two blacks do not make a white

Your faults are not excused by the faults of somebody else. 'Jack often travels on the train without a ticket, so why shouldn't I? 'Just... Read more →

The truth will out

Truth cannot be concealed indefinitely. A similar proverb is Murder will out. As Shakespeare make a character say in The Merchant of Venice:... Read more →

Truth is stranger than fiction

More curious things happen in real life than have ever been invented by writers of sensational stories. We often use the saying when we hear of... Read more →

A tree is known by its fruit

People are judged by what they do. The sources are Matthew, xii, 33 and Luke, vi, 44. Here is the second of these as given in the New English... Read more →

Too much curiosity lost Paradise

It doesn't do to be too curious or inquisitive. The proverb is a quotation from The Lucky Chance, a play by Aprah Behn. The reference is, of... Read more →