Proverbs starting with letter I

It takes two to make a bargain

The proverb “It takes two to make a bargain” is an old saying that emphasizes the importance of cooperation and compromise during... Read more →

It will be all the same a hundred years hence

In a hundred years' time we shall all be dead, so why should we worry about our present trouble and cares? This contain a sound warning against... Read more →

It takes two to make a quarrel

A quarrel is an angry dispute between two persons. Tom cannot quarrel with himself, nor can he quarrel with Dick if Dick does not wish to... Read more →

It takes all sorts to make a world

We are not all alike. We differ from each other in many ways physically, mentally, and morally. Some of us are good sorts, some of us are bad... Read more →

It never rains but it pours

In modern English this would read, 'It never rains without pouring.' The meaning is that events, especially misfortunes, always come... Read more →

It needs more skill than I can tell to play the second fiddle well

This couplet was composed by Charles H. Spurgeon, the famous Baptist minister and orator. The leading performer in an orchestra is the first... Read more →

It is useless to flog a dead horse

It is a waste of time to try to revive interest in a worn-out or forgotten subject, or to argue about something that was settled long since. 'I... Read more →

It is too late to lock the stable when the horse has been stolen

It is useless to take precautions after something has happened that could have been foreseen and guarded against. The French version is, 'After... Read more →

It is the unexpected that always happens

Another version of this is Nothing is so certain as the unexpected. A similar French proverb is: 'Nothing is certain but uncertainty.' The state... Read more →

It is no use spoiling the ship for a ha’p’orth of tar

This teaches the folly of false economy; of failing to achieve one's purpose by trying to save in a small detail; of marring an effect in order... Read more →