Proverbs with the word Sweet

Sweet are the use of adversity

Misfortunes can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. In Shakespeare's As You Like It, the exiled duke in he forest of Arden finds he has much to... Read more →

Stolen pleasures are sweetest

This means the same as Forbidden fruit is sweetest. The things we most enjoy doing are those we know we ought not to be doing, such as watching... Read more →

A rose by another name would smell as sweet

It is not what a thing is called that matters, but what it is. The same applies to people The quotation comes from Shakespeare's tragedy,... Read more →

Life is sweet

This is to be found in Lavengro by George Borrow: 'Life is sweet, brother.' 'Do you think so?' 'Think so! - There's night and day, brother,... Read more →

Forbidden fruit is sweetest

If we are told that we must not have a thing, we want it more than ever. And if we are told not to do a thing, we feel impelled to do it. A... Read more →

The apples on the other side of the wall are the sweetest

Our neighbour's apples may be no longer and riper than our own, but always appear to be so. Even on our own tree the best apples seem to be... Read more →

Revenge is sweet

This has been described as 'a devilish phrase in the mouth of men'. Milton wrote in Paradise Lost: Revenge, at first though sweet, Bitter ere... Read more →