Proverbs with the word Kill

There are more ways of killing a cat than by choking it with cream

There is more than one way of achieving one's purpose.

Gluttony kills more than the sword

More people die from overeating than are slain in battle. this is a very old proverb, dating back to the times when gluttony was more common... Read more →

Kill not the goose that lays golden eggs

A Greek fable tells of a man who possessed a goose that laid golden eggs. Impatient and avaricious by nature, he was not satisfied with one... Read more →

Take not a musket to kill a butterfly

Don't take extreme measures to get rid of something quite trivial. Don't exaggerate your difficulties. We owe the following to an unknown... Read more →

Care killed a cat

Care is the load on the mind. If it killed a cat, which has nine lives - or so 'tis said - it will kill you, who have only one life. So, don't... Read more →