Proverbs with the word Begin

Fish begins to stink at the head

The proverb “Fish begins to stink at the head” is an old saying that has been used for centuries to refer to a situation in which the... Read more →

Well begun is half done

If you start a thing badly it takes a long time to finish it, because the bad start seriously affects the later work. But if you make a good... Read more →

He who would climb the ladder must begin at the bottom

There are no short cuts in the climbing of a ladder; one can reach the top only by going rung by rung. In a figure sense a ladder is a means of... Read more →

He who begins many things, finishes but few

Many of us lack the power to concentrate. We start on something, but soon tire of it and transfer our interest to something else. The result is... Read more →

He that would the daughter win, must with the mother first begin

Most mothers exercise a considerable influence over their daughters, so to gain the goodwill of the mother is a important step towards marrying... Read more →

Charity begins at home

This proverb is often used as an excuse for not helping those outside the family circle. 'I found myself being asked for subscriptions to so... Read more →