Fish begins to stink at the head

The proverb “Fish begins to stink at the head” is an old saying that has been used for centuries to refer to a situation in which the leader of a group or organization is responsible for the corruption or incompetence of the whole group. This proverb suggests that if the leader of a group is corrupt or not doing their job properly, it will eventually lead to the downfall of the entire group.

The proverb is a warning about the importance of having strong, honest, and competent leaders in any group or organization. If the leader is corrupt or incompetent, it will eventually lead to a situation where the whole organization begins to suffer and lose its effectiveness. In other words, if the head is rotten, the rest of the body will follow.

This proverb is also a reminder that the people at the top of an organization are ultimately responsible for their actions and decisions, and must be held accountable if they fail to lead properly. Those who lead must do their job right, or else the organization will suffer.