Life Idioms

Keep one’s head above water

To survive or endure, especially in a situation in which one is struggling to avoid being overwhelmed by adverse financial circumstances. How's... Read more →

Cry out for

To need someone or something badly, to lack something. The new room that we built cries out for new furniture. The baby cried out for her... Read more →

Cry bloody murder

To scream like something very serious has happened. The woman cried bloody murder when the man tried to steal her purse.

Cut out to be (something)

To have the ability or interest or qualifications to be something. The man is not cut out to be a salesman.

Cut (someone) in or cut in (someone)

To give someone a share of something. I cut my friend in on the profits from selling the computers.

Cut (someone) off or cut off (someone)

To stop someone from saying something, to disconnect someone on the phone . I tried to tell my father about the accident but he cut me off... Read more →

A crying shame

A very unfortunate situation. It was a crying shame that our class trip to Europe was cancelled.

A cut above (someone or something)

A little better than someone or something. The new principal is a cut above the previous one.

Cut a wide swath

To attract a lot of attention. The man cuts a wide swath when he enters a room.

Cross a bridge before one comes to it

To think and worry about future events or problems before they happen. We should not worry about that problem now. We do not need to cross that... Read more →