Life Idioms

Spring to life

To become active and lively unexpectedly. My birthday party sprang to life when my bestie joined in. She's such an energetic girl!

Life is just a bowl of cherries

1. People say this when their life seems just fine. They have no worries or whatsoever. When they are satisfied with what they have. Because her... Read more →

Lead a double life

To have a secret life that your family or relatives know nothing about. He had stepped into a world of repeated lies, affairs, and deceit.... Read more →

Bring to life

To energize and give vitality to someone or something. That job proposal brought Amy to life as that was exactly what she was hoping for.

Risk life and limb

To do dangerous sports or activities in return of thrills and adrenaline. The young thrill-seeking girl risked life and limb flying down the... Read more →

The best things in life are free

Sometimes we feel unhappy or dissatisfied with our lives and we forget the that most important thing in life don't cost a thing. This morning... Read more →

Life in the fast lane

This idiom describes  the adventurous people who love dangerous experiences. James is soon going to buy a Harley as we love living life in... Read more →

It’s a dog’s life

Used when life is difficult and you're facing hard times. Often used when overloaded with work. I have no days off. I'm always working overtime... Read more →


Very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale). Usually used to describe the 'great' lives famous people... Read more →