Funny Idioms

Pig out

To eat a lot and quickly. My brother loves to pig out on ice cream.

Cast iron stomach

Having no problem eating or drinking everything, although it might be of a bad quality. If I didn't have a cast-iron stomach, I couldn't eat... Read more →

Drink like a fish

To drink alcohol heavily. Her father drinks like a fish and makes her feel so embarrassed.

To have Van Gogh’s ear for music

Van Gogh, the famous painter, while having mental problems, cut his own ear. If you say this idiom to somebody, it means they sing off key. Ha!... Read more →

Use your loaf

Loaf refers to head. Used to tell someone in a kind of angry way that they should think more carefully about their actions. The printer doesn't... Read more →

When pigs fly

Used when something is never going to happen. - Dad, can I go to my graduation party this weekend? - Yeah, when pigs fly.

Finger licking good

Very delicios/tasty. My bestie makes the best lasagna in the world. It's finger licking good.

A penny for your thoughts

It's  a way of asking somebody what they are thinking. - A penny for your thoughts. - Oh, I was just thinking how people can sell their soul... Read more →

At a loss for words

Speechless, unable to speak. I was at a loss for words when i met my friend after many years.

Asleep at the switch

To not be alert to an opportunity If someone is asleep at the switch, they are not taking their responsibilities very carefully or being alert... Read more →