Body Parts Idioms

Chip on one’s shoulders

A tendency to try to argue or get into a conflict with others. The man has a chip on his shoulders and wants to fight with everybody.

Catch forty winks

To get some sleep. I was very tired so I decided to catch forty winks.

Can’t stomach (someone or something)

To dislike someone or something very much. I cannot stomach the idea of another week of work before my holiday.

Get it off your chest

We use this idiom to describe the relief we feel after we tell somebody a secret which is troubling us or something important which is difficult... Read more →

A kick in the teeth

Used when something bad happens to you or when you've been treated badly. It was a real kick in the teeth when, after we split up, I learned I... Read more →

An eye for an eye

The full form is 'an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth'. It is used when someone has committed a crime or done something wrong; it means... Read more →

Pull someone’s leg

When you pull somebody's leg, you make a joke by saying something that's not true. Diana was just pulling your leg when she said the test is on... Read more →

Keep one’s fingers crossed

To hope that something good is going to happen. I have my driving licence test this morning. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Put one’s foot in one’s mouth

To say something stupid, offensive or embarrassing and then regret it. The professor put her foot in her mouth when she asked the overweight... Read more →

Keep an eye on

To take care of something or someone. Sara, next weekend we would like to see Milan and we were wondering if you could keep an eye on our dog,... Read more →