Proverbs starting with letter M

Many hands make light work

The more people there are to carry out a task, the less each has to do, and the more quickly is the work finished. It has been said that this... Read more →

Many a little makes a mickle

This advises thrift. If you start with a little and continually add a little, you will eventually have a mickle, which is an Anglo-Saxon word... Read more →

Manners maketh man

Another version is 'Manners make the man.' A person is often judged by his manners rather than his character, especially on first acquaintance,... Read more →

A man without a smiling face must not open a shop

This comes to us from the Chinese. A shopkeeper who behaves in a surly way is unlikely to attract customers.

Man proposes, God disposes

Human beings express their intention of doing a thing, but it is God who decides whether it is to be done. Hence the expression Deo volente,... Read more →

A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds

If a man does nothing but talk, he produces noting of value, just like bad weeds in a garden.

A man is as old as he feels, and a woman is as old as she looks

As long as a man feels well and strong ti does not matter how old he looks. With a woman, however, looks are more important, since a woman tends... Read more →

A man can only die once

The fact of dying can only be experienced once. This is meant to console us with the thought that if death comes now it won't have to be... Read more →

Make yourself all honey and the flies will devour you

If you are too obsequious, too servile, other will treat you with contempt. don't be a yes-man.

Make the best of a bad job

Here 'job' does not refer to working, but to a state of affairs. To make the best of a bad job is to accept one's present position with the... Read more →