It takes two to make a bargain

The proverb “It takes two to make a bargain” is an old saying that emphasizes the importance of cooperation and compromise during negotiations. It suggests that when two parties are trying to make a deal, both sides must be willing to come to a mutually beneficial agreement. It also implies that both parties must be willing to compromise to reach a satisfactory deal for both sides.

The proverb is a reminder that negotiations should be conducted in a spirit of cooperation and compromise, rather than one of confrontation and conflict. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the other party’s perspective and working together to find a mutually beneficial solution.

This proverb can also be used to remind people that it is important to be open and honest when making a deal. Both parties should be willing to speak their mind and share their point of view so that they can come to an agreement that is fair and beneficial for both sides.

“I’m not sure if I can agree to those terms,” said Max.
“Come on, it takes two to make a bargain. Let’s find a way to make this work for both of us,” insisted Matthew.