Proverbs starting with letter E

Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves

It doesn't do to be too curious or inquisitive. The projecting edges of the roof of a house are known as the 'eaves', and the space of ground... Read more →

Easy come, easy go

Those who get money without effort usually squander it. 'Young Willis inherited ten thousand pounds less than two years ago, and now he hasn't a... Read more →

East or west, home is best

Wherever it is, and however far you may travel from it, There's no place like home.

Easier said than done

It is easier to talk about doing a thing than it is to do it. It is easier to give advice than to put it into practice. ‘That tree’s too... Read more →

Early to bed and early to rise …

Early to bed and early to rise ... Makes a man healthy, wealthy , and wise. We owe this admirable precept to that great and versatile American,... Read more →

The early bird catches the worm

A person who gets up early in the morning has the best chance of success. Good advice to those who get up late in the morning, or miss... Read more →