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Proverbs starting with letter E

Every cloud has a silver lining

A dark cloud that obscures the sun has brilliant edges – the silver lining – telling us that the sun is still shining in the sky. This means... Read more →

Every ass likes to hear himself bray

The donkey (ass) is supposed to be fond of his own ugly voice. In the same way, foolish people seem to be fond of their own voices, since they... Read more →

Even Homer sometimes nods

Even the best of use are liable to make mistakes. Homer was the greatest of Greek poets. Horace, the Roman poet, wrote to Homer's occasional... Read more →

Even a worm will turn

Metaphorically  worm is an insignificant or contemptible person. Meek and humble as he is, however, he will resist or retaliate if pushed too... Read more →

Enough is as good as a feast

This teaches the same lesson as Moderation in all things. We use it in such remarks as these: 'I like sopranos up to a point, but when she sang... Read more →

A man’s house is his castle

He is legally entitled to his privacy. No other person may enter his house without his permission. Here is an amusing little extract from a... Read more →

The end makes all equal

There can be no such distinctions as wealth, poverty, greatness, humbleness among the dead. When dead we lose all our worldly attributes. In... Read more →

The end justifies the means

This is perhaps one of the most disputed ideas of modern times. The difference between a totalitarian government and a democratic one is ... Read more →

Empty vessels make the most sound

Here 'vessels' are metal receptacles such as buckets, oil-drums, and petrol-cans, which, when struck, make more noise when they are empty then... Read more →

An empty sack cannot stand upright

The sack here is a sack of flour, from which bread is made. Just as the sack is kept upright by the flour, so is man supported and kept alive by... Read more →