Proverbs starting with letter E

Evil be to him who evil thinks

The French for this, Honi soit qui al y pense, is the motto of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, instituted by King Edward III in about 1344.... Read more →

Everything must have a beginning

Every mighty undertaking was very small when it started. Beginnings are necessarily small, and everything must have a beginning. So this is... Read more →

Everything comes to him who waits

The person who is prepared to wait patiently usually gets what he wants in the end, provided of course he goes on trying.

Everyone to his taste

We all have our likes and dislikes.

Everybody’s business is nobody’s business

Here 'business' means 'duty' or 'task'. When nobody is directly responsible for doing a thing, nobody does it, because everybody thinks somebody... Read more →

Every why has a wherefore

There is a reason for everything.

Every oak must be an acorn

Everything has to have a small beginning, so don’t be discouraged by your own smallness.

Every medal has two sides

And so has every argument. The phrase 'the reverse of the medal' means 'the other side of the question'.

Every man has his own worst enemy

We all behave in character. The character which determines a man's behaviour is in a sense the man. So when a person does something, which we... Read more →

Every man has the defects of his own virtues

Every good quality in a person has a correspondingly bad quality or weakness. For example, a man may be so conscientious by nature that the... Read more →