Pardon my French

"Pardon my French" is a common English language phrase ostensibly disguising profanity as French. The phrase is uttered in an attempt to excuse... Read more →

I couldn’t agree more

This idiom is used to show strong agreement with what another person has said. It means the same, but is more formal then: You can say that... Read more →

Zoom in on

To use a zoom lens to get a closer view of someone or something when taking a photograph.The cameraman zoomed in on the players on the field.

Zonk out

To fall asleep very quickly.When I got home last night I immediately zonked out.

Zip one’s lip

To not talk, to not tell a secret.I told my friend to zip his lip and stop arguing with me.

Zero-sum game

A situation where if one person or organization wins or gains something then the other person or organization must lose.It is a zero-sum game... Read more →

Zero in on

1. To adjust a gun so that it will hit a target. The soldiers zeroed in on the target and began to fire their guns. 2. To give your full... Read more →

Zero hour

1. The exact time when an military action will start. The air force planes waited until zero hour in order to begin their bombing mission. 2.... Read more →

You tell`em!

Used to agree with or encourage someone in what they are saying."You tell`em," I yelled to the politician who was making the speech.

Yours truly

1. A polite phrase to end a letter or an email. I usually end my letters with "Yours sincerely", but sometimes I use "Yours truly." 2. A... Read more →