As is

In whatever condition something happens to be. We bought this second hand coffee table as is. A new one would cost us an arm and a leg. As is is... Read more →

As long as

On condition that, provided that. "Diana will go home, as long as Erlis asks her back.

As luck would have it

By fortunate chance. The expression was originally used in the from of 'as good luck would have it'. As luck would have it, I managed to find... Read more →

As one

Being in a group, but acting as just one person. The staff stood up as one and started to accuse the manager.

As pale as a ghost

To be extremely pale, as if frightened. She was as pale as a ghost after her husband's death. Other forms of the expression are: as pale as... Read more →

Do blindfolded

To be able to do something in a fast and easy way. The class was easy to paint and we were able to do it blindfolded.

Able to breathe easily again

To be able to relax and get over a stressful period of time or event. Priscilla was able to breathe easily again when she learned she wouldn't... Read more →