Proverbs with the word You

You can’t please everyone

It is not possible to make everyone happy. Everything you do will be offensive, unpleasant or wrong to someone else because people are very... Read more →

Do as you would be done by

Treat others as you would like them to treat you. If you don't, you may be punished, as Tom was in The Water Babies, by that fearsome lady, Mrs... Read more →

You cannot make a crab walk straight

This warns us never to attempt the impossible. You can no more make a grab walk any way but sideways than you can change a person's character.

You are what you eat

The proverb promotes the idea that to be fit and healthy you need to eat well and consume good food. If you eat well, you will be healthy; but... Read more →

You cannot have your cake and eat it

This is sometimes given as: 'You cannot eat your cake and have it.' They both mean the same thing, which is that if a choice has to be made... Read more →

You cannot have it both ways

You may not choose first one and then the other alternative in order to suit your own convenience. It is often used in argument when an opponent... Read more →

You cannot get water out of a stone

The proverb has the meaning of futility of trying to extract money from a person who either will not pay, or has not the money to pay with. It... Read more →

You cannot get blood out of a stone

Here 'blood' means human feeling and a 'stone' represents a hard-hearted person. The proverb refers to avarice; a man can be so full of greed... Read more →