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Proverbs containing the word Twice

Opportunity seldom knocks twice

Another proverb tells us that Fortune knocks at least once at every man's gate, but that does not necessarily mean that it will knock a second... Read more →

He gives twice who gives quickly

The person who gives immediately is twice as helpful as the one who gives too late. The proverb is a translation of the Latin Bis dat qui cito... Read more →

A good tale is none the worse for being told twice

Children, in particular, love to hear a story again, however many times they heard it before. ‘Mummy, please tell me the story of the girl who... Read more →

If a man deceives me once, shame on him; if he deceives me twice, shame on me

If I am foolish enough to allow him to deceive me on one occasion, I have only myself to blame if I let him do it again.