Proverbs with the word Tree

As the twig is bent, so shall the tree grow

The proverb means that early influences have a permanent effect on a person. As they grow up, they will act the way they where taught to act as... Read more →

The apple never falls far from the tree

The descendants are usually very much like the ancestors. Children grow up to be similar to their parents and people who know the parents will... Read more →

A tree is known by its fruit

People are judged by what they do. The sources are Matthew, xii, 33 and Luke, vi, 44. Here is the second of these as given in the New English... Read more →

Some people cannot see the wood for the trees

When we stand in the middle of a wood, we can see only the trees immediately around us, but we know that the wood is there, for if there were no... Read more →