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Proverbs containing the word Take

Take the will for the deed

Give a person credit for his good intentions, even though he does not act on them. He may have been anxious to help, but circumstances have... Read more →

Give knave an inch and they will take a yard

If you grant some people a small favour, it only encourages them to take much more than they are offered. 'I told old Joe to help himself to... Read more →

Take the rough with the smooth

Don't expect your road through life to be always easy. Accept bad times philosophically.

Take the bull by the horns

In the moments of danger during a bullfight, a strong, expert matador will grasp the bull by the horns and so prevent it from tossing him. By... Read more →

Give and take

Be as ready to give as to take; to help others as you are to be helped; to make concessions as to accept them; to listen to other people's views... Read more →