Proverbs with the word Stand

When children stand quiet they have done some ill

The rhymed version of this is: When children stand still, They have done some ill. A mother once said her daughter: 'Tommy's very quiet. Go and... Read more →

They also serve who only stand and wait

This teaches patience. While others are actively concerned in some enterprise, there must be those who play a passive part, but without whom the... Read more →

A house divided against itself cannot stand

Discord breaks up families. The source of the proverb is Mark, iii, 25, 'house' meaning 'Household'.

Don’t cut the bough you are standing on

If you depend upon anything, make use you can do without it before you get rid of it. Don't endanger your own position by hasty or thoughtless... Read more →

An empty sack cannot stand upright

The sack here is a sack of flour, from which bread is made. Just as the sack is kept upright by the flour, so is man supported and kept alive by... Read more →

United we stand, divided we fall

Unity is strength. As long as we stick together we shall be safe. If we begin to quarrel among ourselves, our opponents will strike us down one... Read more →