Proverbs with the word Rich

He that toucheth pitch shall be defiled

This comes from the Apocrypha and is a warning against mixing with the rich. 'As the wild ass is the lion's prey in the wilderness, so the rich... Read more →

He that hath a full purse never wanted a friend

Here 'wanted' means 'lacked. A similar proverb is Success has many friends. Because a man is rich, he is always surrounded by flatterers and... Read more →

He is rich that has few wants

A person who has few wants can easily satisfy them. In this sense he is 'richer' than the rich man who has many wants that he cannot satisfy.

A rich man’s joke is always funny

Money is honey, my little sonny, And a rich man's joke is always funny. This couplet is written by Thomas Edward Brown, the Manx poet. The rich... Read more →