Proverbs with the word Put

Put the saddle on the right horse

Blame those who deserve it, not those who don't. An author's new book had been reviewed unfavourably in a literary weekly. He said to an... Read more →

Praise without profit puts little in the pot

Flattery does not fill the belly, and when people speak kindly of what you have done, it is of no real advantage to you unless they show their... Read more →

You cannot put old heads on young shoulders

You cannot expect young people to be a wise and prudent as their elders.

Don’t put the cart before the horse

The horse pulls the cart, not the cart the horse. The proverb means that we should not get things back to front, but should deal with them in... Read more →

Do not put new wine into old bottles

At first sight this would seem to imply that it is false economy to use wine bottles more than once, and that the saying means the same as, for... Read more →

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

'Spread the risk' is the lesson this proverb teaches. Accidents will happen, so use two baskets and thereby reduce the chance of losing all your... Read more →

One cannot put back the clock

This is a reminder to the reactionary who dreams of the 'good old days'  and would like to see them again. He should realize that TIMES CHANGE.