Proverbs with the word Pot

Praise without profit puts little in the pot

Flattery does not fill the belly, and when people speak kindly of what you have done, it is of no real advantage to you unless they show their... Read more →

The pot called the kettle black

A person tends to blame another for the faults he has himself. The soot from an open fire blackens the kooking utensils placed upon it, and the... Read more →

If ‘ifs’ and ‘ans’ where pots and pans …

If we could achieve our aims by merely wishing, life would be very easy. The archaic conjunction 'an' means the same as 'if'. It comes on one... Read more →

A watched pot never boils

When we are looking forward to something, time always seems to pass very slowly, just as it does when we are standing impatiently waiting for... Read more →

You cannot get a quart into a pint pot

This incontestable fact is used figuratively in such contexts as: 'Look, dear,' said Mr Davidson while his wife was packing for their summer... Read more →