Proverbs with the word Out

The truth will out

Truth cannot be concealed indefinitely. A similar proverb is Murder will out. As Shakespeare make a character say in The Merchant of Venice:... Read more →

Out of sight, out of mind

We cease to worry about anything that can no longer be seen. This includes people. Absent friends are soon forgotten. This is the opposite of... Read more →

Out of debt, out of danger

There are considerable risks attached to being in debt, for a man without money is so defenceless. Once he has paid off his debts and has begun... Read more →

Murder will out

Murder cannot be concealed indefinitely. As Dryden wrote in The Cock and the Fox: Murder may pass unpunish'd for a time, But tardy justice will... Read more →

Do not halloo till you are out of the wood

The old verb 'to halloo' meant 'to give a load exclamation'. Travellers lost in a forest were relieved and delighted when they found their way... Read more →