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Proverbs containing the word Never

Better late than never

It is better to do a thing after much procrastination than not to do it at all. It is often used as a semi-humorous excuse. Dear Tom, - I'm... Read more →

One is never too old to learn

However much you know, there is always more to learn, and whatever your age, you can still increase your knowledge. Cicero refers to 'a zeal of... Read more →

Never do things by halves

Finish one thing once you have started it. Do all that is necessary to make a good job of it, and don't work in a half-hearted way.

Never buy a big on a poke

Always examine your purchase before you pay for it. A poke is a bag or sack. In olden days a crafty trader would tie a can in a sack and sell it... Read more →

Never ask pardon before you are accused

Wait until you are blamed for something before you offer excuses. Otherwise you will show yourself guilty. Martin had had a very trying day at... Read more →

Eavesdroppers never hear any good of themselves

It doesn't do to be too curious or inquisitive. The projecting edges of the roof of a house are known as the 'eaves', and the space of ground... Read more →

A watched pot never boils

When we are looking forward to something, time always seems to pass very slowly, just as it does when we are standing impatiently waiting for... Read more →

Cast ne’er a clout till May is out

Early spring in Britain often turns warm for a few days. But if you start leaving off clothes you will run a risk, as it may become very cold... Read more →

Jam tomorrow and jam yesterday – but never jam today

If there is one day of the week that we enjoy more than the other six, today never seems to be that day. The proverb is a quotation from... Read more →

A bad shearer never had a good sickle

Good workmanship depends no more on the quality of the tools than it does on the way in which they are used, so to blame the tools for the bad... Read more →