Proverbs with the word Most

The worst wheel of the cart creaks most

The inefficient or lazy worker is the one who does all the complaining.

They brag most who can do least

The meaning of the proverb is that empty-headed persons are always the most talkative and noisy. This has the same meaning as Empty vessels make... Read more →

Lookers-on see most of the game

Those watching the game get a better impression of what is going on than those taking part in it. They have a wider view than have the... Read more →

First impressions are most lasting

We may have met a person many time since our first meeting, but his or her appearance as it struck us then is the one that lingers longest in... Read more →

Do as most men do, than most men will speak well of you

Go with the crow. If you try to act differently from the majority you will become unpopular. Robert Nagent wrote: Safer with multitudes to... Read more →

Empty vessels make the most sound

Here 'vessels' are metal receptacles such as buckets, oil-drums, and petrol-cans, which, when struck, make more noise when they are empty then... Read more →

Advice when most needed is least heeded

Advice is something that wise men don't need and foolish people won't take; and the greater the need for advice, the less likely the foolish... Read more →