Proverbs with the word Make

One swallow does not make a summer

The swallow is a migratory bird, visiting Great Britain in April and leaving for warmer climes in September. As far as Great Britain is... Read more →

Never make threats you cannot carry out

This is sound advice because, if your bluff is called, you look very silly.

Men make houses, women make homes

The husband may bay, or even build, the house, but it only becomes a real home when it is made warm and comfortable by the wife.

Marriages are made in heaven

It is a matter of chance who marries whom. A dangerous proverb, for if you leave marriage entirely to chance (made in heaven) instead of... Read more →

Many hands make light work

The more people there are to carry out a task, the less each has to do, and the more quickly is the work finished. It has been said that this... Read more →

Many a little makes a mickle

This advises thrift. If you start with a little and continually add a little, you will eventually have a mickle, which is an Anglo-Saxon word... Read more →

Manners maketh man

Another version is 'Manners make the man.' A person is often judged by his manners rather than his character, especially on first acquaintance,... Read more →

A light purse makes a heavy heart

We cannot be cheerful when we have money troubles. The reverse, of course, is A heavy purse makes a light heart.

It takes two to make a quarrel

A quarrel is an angry dispute between two persons. Tom cannot quarrel with himself, nor can he quarrel with Dick if Dick does not wish to... Read more →

It takes all sorts to make a world

We are not all alike. We differ from each other in many ways physically, mentally, and morally. Some of us are good sorts, some of us are bad... Read more →