Proverbs with the word Live

Better to be a live dog than a dead lion

The most despicable living man's state, is preferable to that of the most noble who have died impenitent. Thus, it is better to be a live coward... Read more →

Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones

The lesson this proverb teaches is that people whose own conduct is open to criticism should not criticise the conduct of other's who may... Read more →

Live not to eat, but eat to live

This rather puritanical proverb warns us that eating should not be the main purpose of life. We should, on the contrary, eat just enough to lead... Read more →

Live and let live

Other people have as much right to live as we have, and all of us have failings, so to remain on friendly terms with our neighbours we should... Read more →

Live and learn

Experience is a good teacher. The longer we live, the more we learn. The saying is often used in a half-humorous way, as if with a shrug of the... Read more →

Let the world wag

Let it wag, let it slide, let it go, let it slip, let it sink, let it pass. The last word varies, but the meaning is always the same : 'Let the... Read more →

It takes all sorts to make a world

We are not all alike. We differ from each other in many ways physically, mentally, and morally. Some of us are good sorts, some of us are bad... Read more →

He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day

Although a brave man is better than a coward, caution is often better than rashness.

Dying is as natural as living

Since all men are mortal and must die, death is as much a part of the natural order of things as life is. The implication is that we should not... Read more →

Half the world knows not how the other half lives

People of one social class are often ignorant of the problems of those of another class. This was even truer formerly than now, so it is not... Read more →