Proverbs with the word Little

What costs little is little esteemed

We tend to value things by the amount we pay for them, which is not always their true worth. The same article may cost twice as much in the... Read more →

Praise without profit puts little in the pot

Flattery does not fill the belly, and when people speak kindly of what you have done, it is of no real advantage to you unless they show their... Read more →

Love me little, love me long

Do not let your passion for a person become too strong, for it may soon burn itself out. Mild affection is more likely to be long-lived. In... Read more →

Little things please little minds

People of limited intelligence are interested only in unimportant things. As Ovid wrote: 'Frivolous minds are won by trifles.'

Little strokes fell great oaks

This proverb teaches patience and perseverance. Given enough time and determination to succeed, one could cut down even the largest of trees... Read more →

Little pitchers have long ears

Sometimes 'wide' is used instead of 'long'. A Little pitchers have long ears is an earthenware jug with two ears instead of a handle. They are... Read more →

A little learning is a dangerous thing

People with a little knowledge are often unaware of their ignorance and are consequently easily misled. The quotation is from Pope's Essay on... Read more →

A little help is worth a deal of pity

This is similar to Actions speak louder than words. It is better to help persons who are in trouble than to say how sorry you are for them. For... Read more →

Little by little and bit by bit

This proverb teaches patience and perseverance. Don't be discouraged by the size of the task you have to do. Stick to it and you will achieve... Read more →

Little and often fills the purse

Small sums of money frequently received soon mount up.