Proverbs with the word Like

Like mother, like daughter

Many daughters, take after their mothers, not only in looks but also in character. Sometimes the inherited characteristics are not good... Read more →

There’s no fool like an old fool

This somewhat sweeping statement suggests that old fools are bigger fools than young ones. It is used as a comment on the actions of those we... Read more →

Tastes differ

We all have our likes and dislike. No two people have the same likes and dislikes, or do things in the same way, so it is a waste of time to... Read more →

Speak fair and think what you like

To 'speak fair' is to treat others with civility. Think what you like about them, but be polite when you speak to them. There is, however, the... Read more →

Like will to like

We all tend to seek the company of those whose tastes or interests are similar to our own.

Like master, like man

Here 'man' means 'servant' or 'workman'. If the master is a good employer, the man is a good employee – and vice versa. 'Like mistress, like... Read more →

Like father, like son

Many sons, take after their fathers, not only in looks but also in character. Some sons are described as a 'chip off the old block' -- a small... Read more →

If you do not like it you may lump it

The verb 'to lump' means 'to put up with ungraciously'. This is the answer to anyone who complains about something that is unavoidable. 'We've... Read more →

He who saw what he likes shall hear what he does not like

A man who claims that he always speaks his mind does not expect others to do the same, and is annoyed when they give him a dose of his own... Read more →

Every ass likes to hear himself bray

The donkey (ass) is supposed to be fond of his own ugly voice. In the same way, foolish people seem to be fond of their own voices, since they... Read more →