Proverbs with the word Lie

Speak the truth and shame the devil

Speak the truth boldly in defiance of strong temptation to tell lies.

One lie makes many

The telling of the one lie forces us to tell more lies, and so we become more and more deeply involved.

Let sleeping dogs lie

Don't do anything that will stir up unnecessary trouble. 'The woman next door always has clothes hanging put on the line. It looks awful. I've... Read more →

Ask no questions and be told no lies

This is often the reply of parents to children who ask too many awkward questions. It means that if you ask many questions about things you... Read more →

As you make your bed, so you must lie in it

Should you make your bad badly, you will probably have an uncomfortable night, for which you will have only yourself to blame. In much the same... Read more →

Give a lie twenty-four hours’ start, and you can never overtake it

If a lie is not refuted immediately, it will pass from mouth to mouth until it is accepted as truth by everyone.