Proverbs with the word Let

Live and let live

Other people have as much right to live as we have, and all of us have failings, so to remain on friendly terms with our neighbours we should... Read more →

Let the world wag

Let it wag, let it slide, let it go, let it slip, let it sink, let it pass. The last word varies, but the meaning is always the same : 'Let the... Read more →

Let the cobbler stick to his last

A cobbler is one who makes his living by repairing boots and shoes. The term is also used for that superior craftsman, a shoemaker, who uses a... Read more →

Let the buyer beware

Before he parts with his cash a purchaser should satisfy himself that whatever he is buying is in good condition and worth the money he is... Read more →

Let sleeping dogs lie

Don't do anything that will stir up unnecessary trouble. 'The woman next door always has clothes hanging put on the line. It looks awful. I've... Read more →

Let not your wits go wool-gathering

Don't allow your mind to wander. Think what you are doing. Literally, to go wool-gathering is to go hither and thither collecting fragments of... Read more →

Let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth

Keep secret any help you give to the poor; don't boast of your almsgiving. The source is Matthew, vi, 1-4

Let not the sun go down on your wrath

If you are angry with anybody, don't let your bitter feelings last overnight. The source is Ephesians, iv, 26.

Let bygones be bygones

Bygones are things that happened in the past. To let bygones be bygones is to forgive and forget. 'I'm sorry I lost my temper and said things I... Read more →