Proverbs with the word Keep

A good name keeps its lustre in the dark

A good reputation is never lost, even in difficult times. It can be difficult to maintain a good reputation, but it is important to remember... Read more →

Keep a thing seven years and you will find a use for it

If you keep a seemingly useless thing for a long enough time, you will probably have some occasion to use it during that time. The proverb does... Read more →

Why keep the dog and bark yourself?

Householders keep dogs to guard their homes by barking when they hear suspicious sounds outside. Figuratively, 'to keep a dog and bark yourself'... Read more →

Men are known by the company they keep

This is similar to Birds of a feather flock together. Benjamin Hapgood Burt, the American lyricst, wrote the following delightful jingle: One... Read more →

A hedge between keeps friendship green

We remain better friends if we do not see too much of one another. Our neighbour does not live in our house and we do not live in his. Hedge or... Read more →

Desert and reward seldom keep company

Those deserving of reward do not often receive it. The reward is not necessarily a payment in cash. The proverb can mean that those most... Read more →

Keep something for a rainy day

Here 'rainy day' means 'time of trouble or misfortune'. The advice given is: 'You may be earning good money now, but don't spend it all. Put... Read more →