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Proverbs containing the word Horse

Don’t ride the high horse

Don't give yourself airs. Don't be arrogant. Literally, a high horse is a war-horse or charger.

Don’t put the cart before the horse

The horse pulls the cart, not the cart the horse. The proverb means that we should not get things back to front, but should deal with them in... Read more →

Don’t change horses in mid-stream

Crossing a stream on horseback is not always easy, and to transfer oneself form one horse to another during the process is inviting a ducking,... Read more →

All lay loads on willing horse

In the days when horses were much used for carrying burdens no their backs, the animals that gave the least trouble were given more work to do... Read more →

Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse

Zeal is defined in The concise Oxford Dictionary as 'earnestness or fervour in advancing a cause or rendering service; hearty and persistent... Read more →