Proverbs with the word Hope

While there is life there is hope

The outlook may be grim and the future dark, yet while we still have life within us there is always the possibility that he situation will... Read more →

Tomorrow is another day

We should not behave as if this were the last day. There is always another day tomorrow, and always the hope that things will get better.... Read more →

Hope springs eternal in the human breast

It is in the nature of man to look forward to better times, despite set-back and disappointments. The proverb is  a quotation from Pope's... Read more →

Hope for the best and prepare for the worst

We should all be optimistic, but ready at the same time to meet trouble and difficulties whenever they arise. The proverb can be found back in... Read more →

Hope deferred maketh the heart sick

When we have to wait indefinitely for our hopes to be realized, we become sad and disillusioned. The full saying is to be found in Proverbs... Read more →

If it were not for hope, the heart would break

When things are very difficult, what prevents us from giving up in despair is the hope that things will get better.