Proverbs with the word Happen

Worse things happen at sea

We say this in a resigned tone when we find ourselves in an awkward or difficult situation, or when we have to put up with something less than... Read more →

Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you

Never look for trouble. Don't worry about something before it has happened. Your fears may be groundless, for it may never happen. Mr King was... Read more →

It is the unexpected that always happens

Another version of this is Nothing is so certain as the unexpected. A similar French proverb is: 'Nothing is certain but uncertainty.' The state... Read more →

History repeats itself

What has happened once is liable to happen again. The phrase derives from the works Thucydides, the Greek historian. 'I shall be content,' he... Read more →

Accidents will happen in the best-regulated families

Used by Sir Walter Scott in 1823 and still in common use in modern times, this proverb has a general application and means that even the most... Read more →