Proverbs with the word Give

Silence gives consent

If a person disagrees with something, or is unwilling to do as requested, he usually says so. If he makes no protest at the time, we assume that... Read more →

Nothing is given so freely as advice

Although most of us do not welcome advice, we are all only too ready to give it.

It is better to give than to take

The source of this is Acts, xx, 35: 'I have shewed you all things, how that so labouring we ought to support the weak, and to remember to words... Read more →

He who gives fair words feeds you with an empty spoon

We gain nothing from being flattered; nor do we profit from other people’s accuses.

He gives twice who gives quickly

The person who gives immediately is twice as helpful as the one who gives too late. The proverb is a translation of the Latin Bis dat qui cito... Read more →

Give us the tools, and we will finish the job

Winston Churchill said this to the Americans in a broadcast address on February 9th, 1941. The tools were the means by which we could carry on... Read more →

Give the devil his due

Even the very bad sometimes do a good deed, so we should recognize the good points of others, even though they are not friends of ours.

Give knave an inch and they will take a yard

If you grant some people a small favour, it only encourages them to take much more than they are offered. 'I told old Joe to help himself to... Read more →

Give credit where credit is due

Here 'credit' means 'acknowledgement of merit' and nothing to do with money.  The proverb means that we should acknowledge the good points of... Read more →

Give and take

Be as ready to give as to take; to help others as you are to be helped; to make concessions as to accept them; to listen to other people's views... Read more →