Proverbs with the word Find

Keep a thing seven years and you will find a use for it

If you keep a seemingly useless thing for a long enough time, you will probably have some occasion to use it during that time. The proverb does... Read more →

Nothing seek, nothing find

This teaches initiative. Success is not achieved without an effort. 'He that seeketh findeth,' runs the old saying and in Matthew vii, 7 we... Read more →

Love will find a way

Love has such power that it will overcome all difficulties. This means much the same as Love laughs at locksmiths.

Busiest men find the most time

People who do a lot are the people who have most energy. However busy they are, they can usually manage to do something more.

The devil finds work for the idle hands to do

Those who have nothing useful to do and seeks some way of passing the time are liable to drift into wrongdoing.