Proverbs with the word Every

Every man has his own worst enemy

We all behave in character. The character which determines a man's behaviour is in a sense the man. So when a person does something, which we... Read more →

Every man has the defects of his own virtues

Every good quality in a person has a correspondingly bad quality or weakness. For example, a man may be so conscientious by nature that the... Read more →

Every man has his price

Cynically, this proverb suggests that at the pinch no man is completely honourable. Provided that the bribe (price) is big enough everyone can... Read more →

Every man for himself, and the devil take the hindmost

This is a doctrine of self-preservation, which is said to be the first law of nature. As the French say, 'Sauve qui peut' ('Save himself who... Read more →

Every little helps

This advises thrift and it means the same as Many a little makes a mickle.

Every law has a loophole

It is commonly thought that a clever lawyer can find a hole in any law. By creeping through the hole, his client can avoid the effect of the... Read more →

Every Jack must have his Jill

This consolatory proverb tells us that everyone gets a mate in the end. Jack and Jill here stand for man and woman.

Every horse thinks its own pack heaviest

We all imagine that we have a greater load to carry than anybody else; that nobody works harder than we do, or has to put up with more... Read more →

Every flow must have its ebb

Every flow must have its ebb and every ebb has its flow. The tide goes in and out unceasingly. Our lives has similar ups and downs; neither good... Read more →

Every family has a skeleton in the cupboard

Every family has a guilty secret that it does its utmost to conceal from the world. The widow and her three grown-up children came to England... Read more →