Proverbs with the word End

The thin end of the wedge is dangerous

A wedge is a tool used to split logs of wood. The thick end is hammered and the thin end steadily widens the opening until the log falls apart.... Read more →

The longest day must have an end

However long and wearisome the day may seem, it must inevitably be followed by night and come to an end. In the same way, all tedious tasks are... Read more →

The end makes all equal

There can be no such distinctions as wealth, poverty, greatness, humbleness among the dead. When dead we lose all our worldly attributes. In... Read more →

The end justifies the means

This is perhaps one of the most disputed ideas of modern times. The difference between a totalitarian government and a democratic one is ... Read more →

All good things come to an end

Pleasures cannot go on for ever, for all things change, and The best of friends must part.