Proverbs with the word Easy

It is easy to bear the misfortunes of others

It is easy for us to tell others to be cheerful in the face of misfortune, because we don't have to suffer the hardship ourselves. It perhaps... Read more →

It is easy to be wise after the event

When something has ended badly, it is easy to say what should have been done to ensure success. Foresight is being wise before the event; being... Read more →

It is easier to pull down than to built

It is easier to destroy than to create. It is easier to criticise than to make constructive suggestions.

Custom makes all things easy

This means the same as practice makes perfect.

All things are difficult before they are easy

When first we try to ride a bicycle we are quite sure that we shall never do anything but fall off, but as we go on practicing, the whole thing... Read more →

Easy come, easy go

Those who get money without effort usually squander it. 'Young Willis inherited ten thousand pounds less than two years ago, and now he hasn't a... Read more →

Easier said than done

It is easier to talk about doing a thing than it is to do it. It is easier to give advice than to put it into practice. ‘That tree’s too... Read more →