Proverbs with the word Day

A foul morn may turn to a fair day

The modern-day rendition of this proverb would be: A gloomy morning can turn into a clear day. It means that even the worst of situations... Read more →

A wonder lasts but nine days

A nine day's wonder is an event that attracts much attention, but is soon forgotten. Dr Brewer divides the nine days into 'three days'... Read more →

Tomorrow is another day

We should not behave as if this were the last day. There is always another day tomorrow, and always the hope that things will get better.... Read more →

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof

Don't add to the difficulties and problems of today by worrying about what is going to happen tomorrow. The source is Matthew, vi, 34 ; 'Take... Read more →

Rome was not built in a day

Rome, with it’s fine architecture, couldn’t be built in a day. Likewise, important tasks call for a lot of hard work and take a long time to... Read more →

One of these days is none of these days

'I'll do one of these days.' This means that you propose to do whatever it is later on. The result is that it is never done at all.... Read more →

The longest day must have an end

However long and wearisome the day may seem, it must inevitably be followed by night and come to an end. In the same way, all tedious tasks are... Read more →

He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day

Although a brave man is better than a coward, caution is often better than rashness.

Every dog has his day

Good fortune comes ones to all of us. If I am lucky today, your turn will come later on; or, alternatively, don’t be too boastful, for... Read more →

Keep something for a rainy day

Here 'rainy day' means 'time of trouble or misfortune'. The advice given is: 'You may be earning good money now, but don't spend it all. Put... Read more →