Proverbs with the word Cut

Words cut more than swords

A sharp tongue wounds.  This means the same as The tongue is not of steel, yet it cuts.

The tongue is not steel, yet it cuts

A sharp tongue wounds. If you do not wish to hurt people's feelings, do not speak too harshly. As it says in the Apocrypha: 'Many have fallen by... Read more →

Good company on the road is the shortest cut

A journey on foot seems much longer when we make it alone than when we do it with pleasant companions.

Don’t cut the bough you are standing on

If you depend upon anything, make use you can do without it before you get rid of it. Don't endanger your own position by hasty or thoughtless... Read more →

Diamond cut diamond

This is more usual than 'Diamond cuts diamond'. Diamond is the hardest substance known; a diamond can be cut only by another diamond. The... Read more →

Cut your coat according to your cloth

Adjust your expenditure according to your resources. 'I asked the dealer the price of the tennis racket I had set my heart on, but it was too... Read more →